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 It is a diaspora demographics mapper and database meant to enable the achievement of collective goals.

Specific Objectives

This database aims to facilitate diaspora’s contribution to the development of Kenya, and the circulation of diaspora’s competencies across the World.

 It shall gather essential information of an individual, including: the individual’s country and city/town of residence; educational and professional qualifications; sectors of interest; and contact addresses.

Advocacy Power

Our collective numbers will also have petitioning power to shape policies that work best for us and for Kenya. The Kenyan dual citizen in foreign countries makes a powerful lobbyist and diaspora diplomat for Kenya. Signing up on the database would help identify and organize those who are savvy in advocacy and diplomacy.


As a database of diaspora community builders and givers with various skills and talent, you can participate in sustainable projects aimed at building communities in Kenya, for instance, in healthcare and education. i‑Vote’s partnership with County Governments will allow for fitting opportunities to build communities directly.

A Pool of Professionals

Posting your resume on the talent access pool (TAP) section of the database will provide you with competitive opportunities as valuable personnel to serve in Kenya’s corporate industry, government, civil society and educational institutions. It will also allow for targeted transfer of skills, for example, sending a group of diaspora teachers on a mission to Kenya schools with a shortage of teachers. i‑Vote’s partnerships with various stakeholders will allow for direct merit‑based recruiting of diaspora talent.

Impact Investment

This refers to for‑profit investment for social impact; as opposed to the non‑impact investment diaspora currently makes with almost 100% of remittances ($1.4 billion in 2014) going directly to families. A database of Kenya’s richest “county” makes it possible to mobilize private capital towards large‑scale impact such as infrastructure. Eventually, diaspora would play a key role in releasing Kenya from dependence on foreign aid.

Individual Investment

There is now a boom in diaspora investment vehicles, and a database is an important part of readily connecting potential investors to opportunities provided by banks, businesses and government. i‑Vote also provides county‑specific data that will enable efficient connection between individual investors and county governments and allow for the thriving of small businesses from the grassroots.


It is a diaspora demographics mapper and database meant to enable the achievement of collective goals.

What is the main goal or motive of the database?

To identify, locate, present, tap and harness Kenyan expertise and organizations in the diaspora that are active or have interest in contributing to the country’s cultural, economic, social and political development. It shall facilitate access and utilisation of the information by the national government, counties, non-state actors, and development partners as per stated terms herein

Shall the database be maintained by government or a private agency?

The database shall be exclusively maintained by KDA’s database manager and authorized assistant.

Who owns the data?

KDA is the exclusive custodian of the data, itself co-owned jointly with the source or provider and KDA.

Will personal information be equally and uniformly protected?

In general yes, but higher thresholds shall be observed for diaspora in jurisdictions whose GDPRs so demand them. To the extent possible, KDA shall strive to meet such stringent requirements for all database entries.

Which professions shall be listed in the database?

All and any profession, especially those that are so recognized by reputable professional associations like APSEA, KMA (doctors), LSK (lawyers), etc.

Do I need to pay a fee to be listed?

No; listing on the database is entirely free and voluntary.

Shall I be paid for being listed?

No. The database is voluntary and not for commercial use.

I submitted my details/data but they/I don’t appear in the database?

KDA reserves the right of admittance into the database. All eligible, willing or interested experts shall be listed. Only in exceptional cases shall listing be declined, and a reason may be provided.

How do I get my data expunged from the database?

Ordinarily, this is discouraged, except where a person has transited, maimed, incapacitated or has extra-ordinary reasons to opt out.

Once am enlisted, need I also enlist my company/affiliation?

Yes; entities are independently enlisted.

What kind of personal information shall the database be seeking?

General data, e.g. name, country/city of residence, profession, and contact

Is the database available for commercial use?

Not at all

Can governments access the database?

No, unless demanded through a court of law and if backed by prevailing GDPRs. However, KDA shall avail information that may be requested for appropriate use, e.g. when professionals in a certain field are required.

What is GDPR?

General data protection regulations. Some countries have Privacy and/or Data Protection laws and/or regulations in place.

Does my firm or organization has a right to access the database?

Nobody (except authorized KDA Officials) has a right to access to the database. Limited access shall be provided as per applicable terms and conditions.

How do I benefit by being listed on the database?

You shall be the first point of call should potential employers or businesses ask for competency that matches your own. Being also on our distribution list, you shall be the first to receive important information from KDA, with the option to opt out.

How will corporates and development partners benefit from the database?

The database per se shall not be accessible to them, but targeted mailshots can be sent to subscribers on the database, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Are dual citizens eligible for listing?

Yes, provided one of the nationalities is Kenyan or they are persons of Kenyan descent.

How will compliance be ensured in different locations or jurisdictions?

KDA Chapters are already registered as body corporate in several key jurisdictions for diaspora, and more are underway. Where a Chapter doesn’t exist yet, KDA shall assign one of its Affiliates to represent it if need be.

Can non-Kenyans be listed on the database?

Only if they are either aliens residing in Kenya, eligible to be Kenyan citizens, or are persons of Kenyan origin. Plans are afoot to develop also similar databases for REC (e.g. EAC, COMESA, ECOWAS, etc) and African/AU diasporas.

Disclaimer: The mere fact that one is listed does not legitimize qualification to a professional body or standing. Each body has their own eligibility and qualification criteria.

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